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Welcome to Sonoworld Diagnostic Services - London


Sonoworld Diagnostic Services - London is an outstanding private diagnostic ultrasound clinic offering access to leading specialists and the highest standards of care. 

Our private ultrasound scan clinic is conveniently situated in the world famous area of Marylebone, London, within the prestigious Hale Clinic. Luxury state of the art facilities combined with efficient healthcare delivery contribute to confidence and reassurance for our patients.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services offers a quick and efficient private ultrasound scan service in London. Flexible ultrasound scan appointments are designed to suit your busy schedule with no waiting lists. We aim to provide a prompt diagnosis and a high quality of care.



private ultrasound scan london

private ultrasound scan london

There is a growing trend of expectant worrying mothers to want to purchase an ultrasound scanner to monitor their babies progress. There are multiple ultrasound scanners that can be purchased on ebay for as little as £500. Some of then are even promising 3D images.


There is a growing trend of expectant worrying mothers to want to purchase an ultrasound scanner to monitor their babies progress. There are multiple ultrasound scanners that can be purchased on ebay for as little as £500. Some of then are even promising 3D images.

Is it a good idea purchasing and ultrasound scanner to perform your own ultrasound scans though?

Lets consider how sonographers getting trained; the safety of ultrasound and the safety of the purchased ultrasound equipment.

Sonographers will start their careers as radiographers,midwives or doctors. After a few years working on their choosen profession and after they have gained enough experience they will do postgratuate studies in diagnostic ultrasound that can last up to 3 years.

While they studying the theory  they do supervised practical sessions to learn to scan and understand and recognise the normal and abnormal ultrasound appearances.

So ultrasound scanning is not as simple as buying an ultrasound machine that you press the button and do the scan. It requires theoretical and intense practical training. Sonographers had to complete a large amount of suervised examinations before they are allowed to scan independetly.

So...  how do you know what you looking at? How do you know that what you looking at, is normal or abnormal? How do you know that the ultrasound imaget is the foetal heart and not a pulsating blood vessel?

Mis- identification of the foetal anatomy can increase maternal anxiety and cause unnecessary distress.

Sonographers also learn how to minimise ultrasound exposure specially to the foetus.

Ultrasound scans are a safe diagnostic modality and it is the first line examination of choice for pregnants mothers either to check their baby or check for any other systematic maternal abnormality. It is well documented that there are mechanical and thermal effects related to strength and density of the ultrasound scan beam. Your physio is using therapautic ultrasound to heal tissue damage on the shoulder for exmple.

Sonographers are well aware of these effects and know how to minimise them. They know what the TI and MI abreviations at the top of the ultrasound screen mean.

Most of the cheap ultrasound machines come from China and although some of them have CE kite mark that means that they passed strick EU testing and tehy are allowed to be sold in the European Union for human use, you still are not sure if the scanner is safe. 

Normally and ultrasound scanner needs to be mechanically and electricaly checked before it can be used on a client. This is to make sure that nothing went wrong during manufacturing process or during transit.


 To summarise: it takes time to learn and perform ultrasound scans competently; ultrasound scanners are safe in trained hands; ultrasound equipment can suffer from faults and inconsistencies. It is therefore recommended to use a CQC registered ultrasound scan provider instead of purchasing your own ultrasound scanner to perform your own ultrasound scans.

At Sonoworld Diagnostic Servces LTd take your and your baby's safety and welfare very serious. Our sonographers work for the NHs and have years of knowledge and experience in ultrasound scanning.



We are delighted to introduce our revolutionary NEW High-Performance Ultrasound scanner, with its exceptional resolution, it aids fast and accurate diagnosis. We can offer prompt appointment times and facilitate proficient diagnostic solutions all in one visit.
Our highly skilled Consultant Sonographers, educated in well-renowned universities from UK and abroad, have over 20 years of ultrasound scanning experience in the NHS and the private sector. Their unparalleled knowledge combined with experience and passion for ultrasound is your assurance that we will deliver an ultrasound scan service second to none. On hand Consultants, Radiologists provide backup opinion and advice as necessary
Combined with our extended opening hours, evenings and weekends and absence of waiting lists, we are able to not only provide the highest standard of care but to minimize anxiety, prevent delay and ensure treatment is given promptly and confidentially.
At Sonoworld London we offer complex ultrasound scan examinations including Abdominal scan, Pelvic scan, Pregnancy scan, 3D/ 4D, Head and Neck ultrasound scan, Breast scan, Soft tissue lumps and bumps, a wide spectrum of Vascular ultrasound scans and the whole range of MSK ultrasound scans. Additionally, we provide innovative well-being screening packages which can detect early some of the commonest illnesses and can prevent life-threatening conditions. Combined with electronic reporting your results can be instantly made available to your own doctor anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Sonoworld

Convenient Central Location

Expert Consultant Sonographers

Consultant Radiologists on hand

State of the Art Ultrasound Scanner

private ultrasound scan london

Flexible appointments to fit your busy schedule

Quick Turnaround

Same Day Reporting

Friendly and Helpful Staff

Accurate Diagnosis


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Private Ultrasound Scan in London


Sonoworld provides competitively priced private London ultrasound scans so that you

can achieve early diagnosis without the long NHS waiting lists. 


We are able to offer you:

  • Same day ultrasound scan appointments.
  • Easy to use online scan booking service where you can choose the best time and day suitable to you.
  • Same time ultrasound scan report to take with you to your GP.
  • Convenient central London location (Regents Park and Great Portland Street tube stations)
  • Direct line to our Sonographers to answer any questions and not a call centre.
  • You can take control of your health with our competitively priced private ultrasound scan examinations.


Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

We offer a large range of private pregnancy ultrasound in London starting with the early pregnancy scan at 5 weeks gestation and other complimentary scans throughout your pregnancy including gender scan, growth scan, reassurance scans

We offer a same day private pregnancy scan service to provide you with peace of mind and quick reassurance about your pregnancy and your baby.

We also offer a range of 3D and 4D bonding scans for parents who want to meet their baby early. Our sonographers are fully qualified and comply with all the professional safety guidelines.

How much are private scans?

The price you’ll pay for a private ultrasound scan will depend on the type of scan you want an appointment for. Our prices are competitive starting from as low as £99. There are no hidden extras and the price you see is the price you pay.

Book an Appointment 

We offer evening and weekends appointments.  You can choose the most suitable time and day by visiting our online booking diary. If for any reason you can not find a suitable ultrasound scan appointment please contact us via e-mail or phone.




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