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Amenorrhea / PCOS Add-On Blood Test


Amenorrhea / PCOS Add-on Blood Test £345 plus cost of scans


You can now combine your ultrasound with one of our screening tests to get the full picture of your health. All our tests are done at the internationally renowned The Doctor’s Laboratory. The Doctor’s laboratory works with NHS trusts and major UK private hospitals.

Please add the liver screening test when you book your pelvic scan from our add-on packages.


Tests included:

Test: Blood


Patient instructions:

The patient should fast for 12 hours preceding collection of specimen.

These tests should not be done when you are taking the hormonal contraceptives as the results will not be valid.


Turnaround time:

3 days


What does it look at:

This can be requested if you have missed your period on more than 2 consecutive occasions and you have done a urine pregnancy test to ensure that you are not pregnant. It can also be requested if you are having irregular periods or if you are experiencing increased acne, facial hair, infertility +/- obesity or having infertility problems (that is, trouble conceiving). This can also be requested to check if you have reached your menopause.
FSH levels– High levels suggest a primary ovarian failure (ovaries themselves are malfunctioning. High FSH levels are also seen when a woman enters the menopause.

Oestradiol, testosterone, progesterone prolactin

Fasting glucose and insulin – insulin resistance can cause anovulation

TSH and free T4 – thyroid disorders can affect periods,


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I had an appointment with Daniela and had a great experience. I was a little nervous but Daniela managed to calm me down with her warm personality, knowledge and professionalism. Everything was...

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Thanks so much for my last minute scan. All experience was smooth, booking was easy, appointment was quick and reassuring. Got the report the same day via email. Great service for a fair price.

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Daniela is a true professional and a very warm, caring and friendly person. So far I have visited Daniela twice for scans first of breast and then of the abdomen. On my last visit she saw that I had...

The Mighty Mo

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Brilliant service and prices! Dr. Stan is professional, reliable and understanding. Could not hope for a better sonographer. Keep up the good work please. All the best.