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Lunch Time Ultrasound Scans in the heart of London - Harley Street


Lunch Time Ultrasound Scans in the heart of London - Harley Street

Our private scan clinic in London's Harley Street is always at the forefront of customer care and we are extremely happy to announce that after popular demand, we are now able to offer ultrasound scans during your lunch break. We are always doing our best to offer you flexible scan appointments around your schedule and now we are able to offer you the flexibility of giving your ultrasound scan during your lunch break.

Our clinic is located in the busiest part from London just a couple of minutes walk from Oxford Street and Regent Street and quite often our clients work locally requested scans on their lunch time. Unfortunately we were not able to fulfil their request until now.

As of this week you can book a convenient private scan during your lunchtime between the hours o12 and 2pm. This will help to significantly reduce the convenience associated with waiting to hear of your appointment after work and probably missing the train back home.

You can book your private ultrasound scan by using our online booking system or by calling our clinic. Please also remember that some scans such as the abdominal ultrasound scan requires at least 4 hours fasting.


Harley Street's Leading Private Ultrasound Clinic

At 29 Weymouth Street, London Sonoworld is located at the Harley Street medical district. We offer first class, state or the art diagnostic ultrasound scans and personalised care. Please call 020 3633 4902 to find out more or

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During our lunch break scanning session we have the following ultrasound scan examination is available:

Abdominal ultrasound scan – this scan is to evaluate the organs of up abdomen and you can find more information about the examination on this link.

Kidney scan – this scan is to evaluate any problems with your urinary tract i.e. kidney stones or bladder problems. You can find more information about the examination on this link.

Hernia scan – to evaluate the existence of an abdominal or a groin hernia. Click here for more information.

Lumps and bumps scan – to evaluate the origin and the appearance of any lumps you might have found. You can find more information about this ultrasound scan here.

Thyroid and neck ultrasound scan – to evaluate for any abnormalities in your neck areas, such as a problem with your thyroid or leaf nodes. Please click this link to find more information.

Testicular ultrasound scan – to check for any abnormalities in the scrotal sac. Click here for more information.

Early pregnancy scan – to check that everything is well with your baby and the pregnancy is progressing as expected. You can find more information about our early scan here.

DVT ultrasound scan – to check for any blood clots in your deep-seated leg veins. You can find more information about the Private DVT ultrasound scan here.


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