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private growth ultrasound scan

Ultrasound Scans

Blood and urine add-on tests to evaluate the health of your prostate.


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Best Private Ultrasound Clinic in London - Trusted by Doctors and Patients


Sonoworld Diagnostic Services established in 2012 and since then offers diagnostic ultrasound services to NHS and private sector.

In the last 6 years Sonoworld offered diagnostic services by sub-contracting NHS clients mainly in London area to help with reduction of NHS waiting lists. Large London NHS trusts trusted Sonoworld not only to reduce their ultrasound waiting times but also to offer exceptional service and diagnostic accuracy.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services is now offering its diagnostic services direct to our clients who wish to reduce their diagnostic ultrasound waiting times through our scan clinic which is located in Harley street.

Our philosophy is to provide affordable private ultrasound examinations with a choice of flexible appointments that do not disturb the flow of every day routine.

Our private scan service is trusted by the NHS, local doctors and thousands of our clients. We provide not only a friendly and personalise but also the best diagnostic service in London.

Our clinical team of consultant sonographers are very experienced in the field of diagnostic medical ultrasound so you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. We use the latest ultrasound diagnostic equipment to increase diagnostic accuracy. Sonoworld Diagnostics has been providing ultrasound scan services to the NHS and private sector since 2012 and therefore is well established in the field of medical ultrasound.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services is registered and requlated by the Care Quality Commision.


Ultrasound Scan Services - Weymouth Street

Our highly skilled Consultant Sonographers, educated in well-renowned universities from the UK and abroad, have over 20 years of experience in the NHS and the private sector. Their unparalleled knowledge combined with experience and passion for ultrasound is your assurance that we will deliver a service second to none. On hand Consultants, Radiologists provide backup opinion and advice as necessary

Combined with our extended opening hours, evenings and weekends and absence of waiting lists, we are able to not only provide the highest standard of care but to minimize anxiety, prevent delay and ensure treatment is given promptly and confidentially.

At Sonoworld we offer complex examinations including Abdominal, Pelvis, Obstetric, 3D/ 4D, Head and Neck, Breast, Soft tissue lumps and bumps, a wide spectrum of Vascular and the whole range of MSK scans. Additionally, we provide innovative well-being screening packages which can detect early some of the commonest illnesses and can prevent life threatening conditions. Combined with electronic reporting your results can be instantly made available to your own doctor anywhere in the world.



private ultrasound scan clinic-harley street



Visit Our Private Ultrasound Clinic:

Address: Sonoworld 

29 Weymouth Street,                                                                                                                    

Marylebone, London,

W1G 7DB 

Tel: 020 3633 4902

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to find our Clinic:

By Bus:


By Underground:

The closest underground stations are Regent's Park Station and Great Portland Street













Looking for a Private Ultrasound Clinic in London?


You are in the right place if you are looking for a private ultrasound clinic in London. At Sonoworld Diagnostics, London we offer an extensive range of private ultrasound scans in a convenient central London location next to Harley Street.

We offer same day and out of hours private ultrasound scan appointments in days and times to suit your busy schedule.

Our consultant sonographers are very experienced in the field of medical ultrasound so you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. We use the latest ultrasound scan diagnostic equipment to increase diagnostic accuracy. Sonoworld Diagnostics has been providing ultrasound scan services to NHS and private sector since 2012 and therefore is well established in the field of medical ultrasound.

At our ultrasound scan clinic in London, we are able to offer you ultrasound scans in a clean and comfortable environment without the wait associated with the ultrasound scans provided by the NHS.


Why choose us for your private London ultrasound scan?


Sonoworld Diagnostic Services is registered with the CQC and has been trusted by the NHS and private sector since 2012 to provide unparalleled diagnostic ultrasound scan services.  Our clients include healthcare professional such as GP’s and consultant radiologists. This is because our clients know that at Sonoworld will get the best ultrasound service with no compromise in diagnostic accuracy or the level of service.  


Who will perform my private ultrasound scan?


Your ultrasound scan will be performed by one of our knowledgeable consultant sonographers. All our sonographers are qualified to UK and USA ultrasound standards so you can be assured that there is no compromise on the diagnostic accuracy of your ultrasound scan.


How much are the private ultrasound scans?

The price you’ll pay for a private ultrasound scan will depend on the type of scan you want an appointment for. Our prices are competitive starting from as low as £99. There are no hidden extras and the price you see is the price you pay.


Book an ultrasound scan Appointment in London 

We offer evening and weekends appointments.  You can choose the most suitable time and day by visiting our online booking diary. If for any reason you can not find a suitable ultrasound scan appointment please contact us via e-mail or phone.



Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

We offer a large range of private pregnancy ultrasound in London starting with the early pregnancy scan at 5 weeks gestation and other complimentary scans throughout your pregnancy including gender scan, growth scan, reassurance scans

We offer a same day private pregnancy scan service to provide you with peace of mind and quick reassurance about your pregnancy and your baby.

We also offer a range of 3D and 4D bonding scans for parents who want to meet their baby early. Our sonographers are fully qualified and comply with all the professional safety guidelines.



Bine ati venit la clinica noastra Sonoworld Diagnostic Services-London


Sonoworld Diagnostic Services este o clinica privata de diagnostic ecografic care ofera acces la specialisti de elita si la cel mai inalt grad de competenta in domeniul medical.

Clinica noastra is situata foarte convenabil in faimoasa clinica Hale din Marylebone, in centrul Londrei.

Sonoworld Diagnostics ofera ecografii urgente si eficiente intr-un cadru privat si o atmosfera placuta. Consultatiile sint oferite in diferite zile si la ore care acomodeaza stilul dumneavoastra de viata si programul de lucru, fara liste de asteptare.

Viziunea noastra este sa va punem la dispozitie un serviciu de inalta calitate si un diagnostic prompt.

Folosirea unui echipament ecografic de ultima ora cu o resolutie extraordinara, intr-un spatiu foarte curat si modern dotat incombinatie cu un system medical efficient, ofera confidenta si reasigurarea pacientilor ca oferim un serviciu fara egal. 


Echografii private la Sonoworld Diagnostic Services, Marylebone


Sintem incantati sa introducem echipamentul nostrum de ultrasound de inalta performanta, cu o rezolutie exceptionala care ajuta la un diagnostic prompt si efficient. Va oferim examinari ecografice in acceasi zi si diagnostic imediat, in aceeasi visita.

Consultantii nostri foarte experimentati, educati in universitati renumite din Marea Britanie, Romania si State Unite ale Americii, au o experienta bogata de peste 20 ani in sectorul medical privat si de stat. Cunostiinte lor medicare fara egal, in combinatie cu experienta indelungata si pasiunea pentru diagnostic prin ultrasound este asigurarea dumneavoastra ca veti beneficia de un service medical de prima clasa. Avem deasemenea Consultanti Radiology si alte specialitati in cazuri complicate care necesita opinie secundara.

In combinatie cu programul nostrum de lucru extins seara si sambata si in absenta listelor de asteptare, nu numai ca punem la dispozitie un inalt grad de expertiza medicala dar in acelasi timp inlaturam anxietatea pacientilor, prevenind intarzieri in diagnostic si in consecinta in tratament.

La clinica noastra Sonoworld Dignostic Services, oferim examinari ecografice complexe inclusive Abdomen, Pelvis, Sarcina, 3D/4D, Cap si gat, San, tumori de tesut moale, un spectru larg de examinari vasculare, arteriale si venoase, si toata gama de ecografii musculoscheletale si articulare precum umar, cot, mana, sold, genunchi, glezna si picior.

Aditional noi va offerim si pachete well-being care cuprind mai multe examinari de ultrasound si care ajuta in diagnoza precoce sau prevenirea multor conditii care va pot afecta sanatatea si va pot pune in pericol viata.

Folosind un sistem electronic de raportare a rezultatelor, raportul ecografiei dumneavoastra poate fi trimis doctorului care va trateaza oriunde in lume.


De ce sa alegeti Sonoworld Diagnostic Services


Locatie convenabila

Consultant Ecografist Specialist

Consultant Radiologist pentru opinii secundare

Echipament ecografic de ultima generatie



Programari flexibile

Examinari ecografice in regim de urgenta

Rezultate ecografice pe loc

Echipa amabila

Diagnostic acurat

Men, Women and Baby Ultrasound Scans we Offer:

sonographer performing private sonogram on a female patient


Women scans such as BreastPelvic Scan, ovarian scan, Abdominal Ultrasound, urinary tract , thyroid and lumps & bumps.

All Women Scans

A sonographer is performing a musculoskeletal scan looking at the ultrasound scanner


Musculoskeletal  scans to evaluate the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles & feet ultrasound.

All MSK Scans

Vascular surgeon discussing results of a deep vein thrombosis scan


Private Vascular scans in London using duplex and triplex colour doppler for carotid arteries, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and  Aortic Aneurysm screening .

All Vascular 

A sonographer performing diagnostic ultrasonic examination on a male patient in London


Private men scans in London, such as testicular scan, abdominal , urinary tract, groin and hernia scan, thyroid, and lumps & bumps.

All Men Scans

A pregnant mum is looking at baby ultrasound pictures after the baby scan in London


Prenatal scans such as dating, early pregnancy , presentation scan, gender scan, growth scan and baby gender scans.

Baby Scans

A sonographer holding a 4d ultrasound probe is getting ready to perform an antenatal scan

4D baby Scans

4D baby Scans using the latest ultrasound equipment and technology offering exceptional detail and ultrasonic image quality.

4D Baby Scans

Private ultrasound London 

You are in the right place if you want to book a private scan in London's Harley Street area, in a clinic trusted by local GPs and NHS Consultants alike.
Sonoworld offers private ultrasound scans and other healthcare tests such as blood tests to provide you with an accelerated diagnosis about your health and the health of your baby so that you can continue enjoying your every day without unnecessary worry.

Why should you have a private scan at Sonoworld, London?

You have been probably probably referred by your doctor for a diagnostic ultrasound examination but the NHS waiting times are long and you want rapid answers. At Sonoworld you can have a same day scan appointment with instant results to take to your doctor so that you can be back on track as soon as possible.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services is registered with the CQC and has been trusted by the NHS and private sector since 2012 to provide unparalleled diagnostic services.  Our clients include healthcare professional such as GP’s and consultant radiologists. This is because our patients know that at Sonoworld will get sound service with no compromise in diagnostic accuracy or the level of care. 

These are some of the reasons our clients choose to have a private scan.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, you don't need a doctors referral to have an ultrasound at Sonoworld. Most of our patients, in fact, are having a scan while they're waiting for their doctor's appointment.

follicular tracking

Pregnancy Scans

Our London Ultrasound Clinic offers a wide range of pregnancy scans such as the Early Pregnancy and Dating Scans, Gender Scans, Growth Scans and 4D Baby Scans.

Where can I get a scan today?

In most cases, we are able to offer you an appointment on the same day. We are even able to work around your schedule to further reduce the disruption associated with a health appointment.

How much does it cost to have an ultrasound scan? 

It is our philosophy that private healthcare and in our case ultrasound imaging should be affordable and available to all of us as our health is the most important thing in this world. This is why our medical and baby scans are competitively priced with no hidden extras.

The cost of our ultrasound scans ranges starting from £149 and are priced per area scanned.

How do i book a scan?

You can book an ultrasound appointment by using our easy to use online diary where you can select the most suitable time and day or by calling us direct on 020 3633 4902.


Bienvenido a servicios de diagnostico Sonoworld – Londres
Servicios de diagnostico Sonoworld – Londres es una excepcional clínica privada de diagnostico de ultrasonido ofreciendo acceso a los principales especialistas y los mas altos estándares de atención.
Nuestra clínica privada de escáner  de ultrasonido esta convenientemente situada en la famosa zona de Marylebone, Londres, en la prestigiosa Hale Clinic.

El lujo de las instalaciones de ultima generación junto con la prestación eficiente de atención de la salud contribuyen a la confianza y tranquilidad para nuestros pacientes.

-Servicios de diagnostico Sonoworld ofrece un rápido y efectivo servicio de escáner de ultrasonido en Londres.
Las flexibles citas de ultrasonido están diseñadas para adaptarse a su apretada agenda sin listas de espera.
Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar un diagnostico rápido y una alta calidad de atención de servicio.

Ecografía de embarazo
Ecografías de embarazo, ecografía para determinar la edad gestacional, citas de exploración, escáner precoz embarazo, exploración de presentación, de genero, de crecimiento…
Ecografía 4D
Ecografíass 4D utilizando losúltimoss equipos de ultrasonido y latecnologíaa que ofrece detalles excepcionales y calidad de imagen.
Escáner ultrasonido para hombres

Escáneres de ultrasonido de los hombres en Londres, como escáner testicular, exploración abdominal, tracto urinario, hernia, tiroides, y protuberancias.
Escáner ultrasonido para mujeres

Escáneres de ultrasonido de mujeres como exploración de ultrasonido de mama, exploración pélvica, exploración ovárica, ecografía abdominal, exploración del tracto urinario, tiroides y protuberancias.

Ultrasonido musculoesquelético

Escáner de ultrasonido musculoesquelético para evaluar los hombros, codos, muñecas, manos, caderas, rodillas, tobillos y pies.
Escáner ultrasonido vascular

Escáner vascular privado en Londres para evaluar las arterias carótidas, las venas de las piernas para evidencia de trombosis venosa profunda (TVP) y la aorta para AAA.



Clínica privada de ultrasonido Sonoworld, Londres


Estamos encantados de presentar nuestro revolucionario NUEVO escáner de ultrasonidos de alto rendimiento, con su excepcional resolución, que ayuda a un diagnóstico rápido y preciso. Podemos ofrecer tiempos de citas rápidos y facilitar soluciones de diagnóstico competentes en una sola visita.


Nuestros altamente cualificados especialistas Sonógrafos, educados en renombradas universidades del Reino Unido y del extranjero, tienen más de 20 años de experiencia en exploración de ultrasonido en NHS y el sector privado. Su incomparable conocimiento combinado con la experiencia y la pasión por la ecografía es su garantía de que entregaremos un servicio de ultrasonido de calidad. Nuestros accesibles especialistas proporcionan opiniones y consejos según sea necesario.

Combinado con nuestro amplio horario, mananas, tardes y fines de semana y la ausencia de listas de espera, no sólo proporcionamos el más alto nivel de atención, sino que minimizamos la ansiedad, evitamos retrasos y aseguramos que el tratamiento se realice con prontitud y confidencialidad.

En Sonoworld Londres ofrecemos exámenes complejos de exploración por ultrasonido, incluyendo exploración abdominal, exploración pélvica, exploración de embarazo, 3D / 4D, escáner de cabeza y cuello, exploración de mama, bultos y tejidos blandos, un amplio espectro de ecografías vasculares y toda la gama de exploraciones de ultrasonido MSK. Además, ofrecemos innovadores paquetes de bienestar que pueden detectar temprano algunas de las enfermedades más comunes y pueden prevenir condiciones que amenacen la vida. Combinado con la notificación electrónica sus resultados pueden ser instantáneamente puestos a disposición de su propio médico en cualquier parte del mundo.


Por qué elegir Sonoworld

Conveniente ubicación central

Sonógrafos especialistas

Especialistas Radiólogos disponibles

Escáner Ultrasonido de última generación

Citas flexibles para adaptarse a su apretada agenda


Respuesta rápida


Informes en el mismo día


Personal amable y servicial


Diagnóstico preciso

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