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 Sonoworld Harley Street, London - Private Ultrasound Scans


Sonoworld Diagnostic Services - London is an outstanding private ultrasound clinic offering access to convenient private scans, leading specialists and the highest standards of health care. 

Our private ultrasound scan clinic is conveniently situated in the world famous area of Harley StreetMarylebone, London, within the prestigious Hale Clinic. Luxury state of the art facilities combined with efficient healthcare delivery contributes to confidence and reassurance for our patients.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services offers a quick and efficient private ultrasound scan service in Harley Street, London. Flexible private ultrasound and pregnancy scan appointments are designed to suit your busy schedule with no waiting lists. We aim to provide a prompt ultrasound diagnosis and a high quality of care.



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Private Ultrasound. Private Ultrasound Scans in London. Private Ultrasound Clinic.

Private msk ultrasound scans london
MSK Ultrasound Scans

Musculoskeletal ultrasound scan to evaluate the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles & feet ultrasound.

MSK Ultrasound Scans

Private vascular ultrasound scans
Vascular Ultrasound Scans

Private Vascular Ultrasound scans in London to evaluate the carotid arteries, the leg veins for evidence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and the aorta for AAA .

Vascular Ultrasound Scans

private testicular ultrasound and abdominal scan as well as private kidney scan
Men Private Ultrasound Scans

Men private ultrasound scans in London, such as testicular scan, abdominal scan, urinary tract, groin and hernia scan, thyroid, and lumps & bumps ultrasound scan.

Men Private Ultrasound Scans

Private pregnancy Scan London
Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

Private pregnancy scans such as dating scan, early pregnancy scan, presentation scan, gender scan, growth scan and baby gender ultrasound scans.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

4d ultrasound scans baby scans
4D baby Ultrasound Scan

4D baby Ultrasound Scans using the latest ultrasound equipment and technology offering exceptional detail and image quality.

4D Baby Scans

Private Ultrasound, London

At Sonoworld London we offer complex private ultrasound scans including Abdominal scan, Pelvic scan, Pregnancy scan, 3D/ 4D, Head and Neck ultrasound scan, Breast scan, Soft tissue lumps and bumps, a wide spectrum of Vascular private ultrasound scans and the whole range of MSK ultrasound scans.
Additionally, we provide innovative well-being ultrasound scan screening packages which can detect early some of the commonest illnesses and can prevent life-threatening conditions. Combined with electronic reporting your private ultrasound scan results can be instantly made available to your own doctor anywhere in the world.
Our highly skilled Consultant Sonographers, educated in well-renowned universities from UK and abroad, have over 20 years of ultrasound scanning experience in the NHS and the private sector. Their unparalleled ultrasound scan knowledge combined with experience and passion for ultrasound is your assurance that we will deliver an ultrasound scan service second to none. On hand Consultants Radiologists provide backup opinion and advice as necessary.
We can offer prompt ultrasound scan appointment times and facilitate proficient diagnostic solutions all in one visit.
Combined with our extended opening hours, evenings and weekends and absence of ultrasound scan waiting lists, we are able to not only provide the highest standard of ultrasound care but to minimize anxiety, prevent delay and ensure treatment is given promptly and confidentially.

Ultrasound Scans - Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound scanning is a medical diagnostic technique where sound waves are being used to image various parts of the body.
Other terms for ultrasound scans are sonograms, US and sonography.
Ultrasound scans are widely used these days as it is painless and safe for adults, children and foetuses. There are no side effects related to ultrasound scans such as the ones associated with radiation.
During the ultrasound scan, the sonographer rests a small probe over the skin. This probe produces sound waves i.e pulsations that travel through the tissues. Some of the sound waves are being reflected back to the transducer and the computer analyses the returning echoes and produces the image on the screen. It is the same principle with the sonar the navy uses.
Ultrasounds are being used to image mostly solid organs such as liver, kidneys, uterus and ovaries, muscles and blood vessels and babies in the womb.
It has, however, limited value in organs such lungs, bone, stomach and bowel/colon.
Ultrasound images are black and white but colour Doppler is being used to evaluate organ and blood vessel blood flow and this is what the red and blue colours on the screen are.

Why Choose Sonoworld for your private ultrasound scan

Convenient Central Location

Expert Consultant Sonographers

Consultant Radiologists on hand

State of the Art Ultrasound Scanner

private ultrasound scan london

Flexible appointments to fit your busy schedule

Quick Turnaround

Same Day Reporting

Friendly and Helpful Staff

Accurate Diagnosis


Clients' Testimonials




Our Ultrasound Scan Blog

The General Medical Council gave a UK General Practioner an official warning for failing to diagnose leg deep vein thrombosis on a patient. The patient consequently died from pulmonary embolism.The patient from Newbury saw the GP, Dr Stiff multiple t...
How a private ultrasound scan can diagnose thyroid cancer and save your life. We saw lately in the news how a GP failed to refer a lady for a neck and thyroid ultrasound scan after she complained about a lump in the neck. Unfortunately, the...
There are multiple reasons why our clients choose to book a private scan in our private ultrasound clinic in London.Some of our clients have been referred for an ultrasound scan from their GP to help in diagnosing reasons for their health complaints....
Testicular lumps or swelling of the scrotum are very common and affect all ages. The first thing that always comes to mind is what if the lump is dreaded cancer.A testicular ultrasound scan, a quick ultrasonic examination procedure using so...
 'WE WERE POWERLESS'  Pensioner, 79, died three days after being refused an ultrasound scan ‘that could have saved her life’ It was with great sadness that I read the article with the above title in yesterday's 'The Sun' newspaper.&nbs...


Sonoworld brings a wide range of private ultrasound scans you need and the convenience you want, at a convenient London location.

Book a Private Ultrasound Scan
private pelvic ovarian scan

Women Ultrasound Scans

Breast Ultrasound, Pelvic Scan, Follicular tracking, Ultrasound Scans

 testicular ultrasound scan London

Men Ultrasound Scans

Testicular ultrasound scans, groin, abdominal and urinary scans

MSK Ultrasound Scans

Affordable MSK ultrasound guided injections also available


Ultrasound Scans

Sonoworld provides competitively priced private ultrasound scans so that you can achieve early diagnosis without the long NHS waiting lists.

We are able to offer you:

  • Same day private ultrasound and pregnancy scan appointments.
  • Easy to use private scanning booking service where you can choose the best time and day suitable to you for your private ultrasound scan.
  • Same time ultrasound scan report to take with you to your GP.
  • Convenient central London location (Regents Park and Great Portland Street tube stations)
  • Direct line to our Consultant Sonographers to answer any questions and not a call centre.
  • You can take control of your health with our competitively priced private ultrasound scan examinations.
  • Competitive clear pricing with no hidden extras.

We offer a large range of private pregnancy scans in London starting with the early scan at 5 weeks gestation and other complimentary baby scans throughout your pregnancy including gender scan, growth scan and reassurance scans.

We offer a same day private pregnancy scan service to provide you with peace of mind and quick reassurance about your pregnancy and your baby.

We also offer a range of 3D and 4D bonding scans for parents who want to meet their baby early. Our sonographers are fully qualified and comply with all the professional safety guidelines.

You are in the right place if you are looking for a private ultrasound in London. At Sonoworld Diagnostics we offer an extensive range of private ultrasound scans in a convenient central London location next to Harley Street.

We offer same day and out of hours private ultrasound scan appointments in days and times to suit your busy schedule.

Our consultant sonographers are very experienced in the field of diagnostic medical ultrasound so you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. We use the latest ultrasound diagnostic equipment to increase diagnostic accuracy. Sonoworld Diagnostics has been providing ultrasound scan services to the NHS and private sector since 2012 and therefore is well established in the field of medical ultrasound.

At our London ultrasound clinic, we are able to offer you private ultrasound scans in a clean and comfortable environment without the wait associated with the ultrasound scans provided by the NHS.

Sonoworld Diagnostic Services is registered with the CQC and has been trusted by the NHS and private sector since 2012 to provide unparalleled diagnostic ultrasound scan services. Our clients include healthcare professional such as GP’s and consultant radiologists. This is because our clients know that at Sonoworld will get the best ultrasound scan service with no compromise in diagnostic accuracy or the level of service.

The price of private ultrasound scan will depend on the type of ultrasound scan you need. Our prices are competitive starting from as low as £99. There are no hidden extras and the price you see is the price you pay.

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