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The arterial duplex scan will evaluate the arteries of your extremities for any circulatory problems such as narrowing of the blood vessels.

The price of this scan is for one body part i.e one leg.


Price: £175 (Bilateral - £260)

What is Venous Reflux?

Venous reflux, also known as chronic venous insufficiency, is a condition where blood flow in the leg veins is impaired, causing blood to pool in the lower extremities. This occurs when the one-way valves within the veins become damaged or weakened, preventing blood from flowing efficiently back to the heart.

What is the cost of the scan?

The cost of this ultrasound scan is only £175 per limp (both limbs £260).

To book both limps please click the AVAILABLE OPTIONS drop down and select: 'Arterial or Venous Bi-lateral Add on'.

This Stroke Screening Scan includes evaluation of:

Abdominal Aorta

Duplex evaluation of the Carotid Arteries

Bilateral duplex arterial evaluation of the legs

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