Silver Health Screening Blood Test

Silver Health Screening Blood Test

Your health depends on the complex interplay of many different organ systems, risk factors, and disease processes. Trying to predict future problems or explain vague symptoms with limited, disjointed testing is an exercise in frustration.

The Silver Screen test offers a comprehensive health analysis by evaluating key markers across the main body systems.

Over 40+ different tests give a 360 degree overview of your current health status and future disease risk in one efficient and cost-effective blood test.



What is the cost of this test?

The cost of this test is only £250.

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What Tests are Included?

Cardiovascular Health Screening

Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death, yet most people only get a simple cholesterol test for screening. The Silver Screen test goes much further to thoroughly assess the many factors contributing to cardiovascular risk:

  • Cholesterol Profile - Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides
  • Advanced Lipid Profile - Apolipoproteins, Lp(a), small LDL
  • Inflammation - High sensitivity CRP
  • Full blood count - Anaemia and platelet analysis

Together these tests evaluate genetic risk, circulating atherogenic particles, plaque formation, blood clotting tendencies, and inflammatory damage - all the drivers of heart attacks and strokes. We analyse results using advanced risk assessment algorithms to determine your odds of a future cardiac event.

Metabolic Health Evaluation

Diabetes now affects over 1 in 10 adults - most have no symptoms early on. The Silver Screen test includes gold standard markers of diabetes and insulin resistance:

  • Blood glucose - snapshot of current blood sugar
  • HbA1c - average blood sugar over months
  • Kidney function tests - damage indicator

We also check for metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors including obesity, high blood pressure, dyslipidaemia and high blood sugar that accelerates cardiovascular damage when present together.

Kidney and Liver Screening

Silent damage to the kidney and liver often goes undetected until late stages when treatment options are limited. Our panel incorporates tests to identify organ injury in early subclinical stages:

  • Kidney - Creatinine, cystatin C, GFR
  • Liver - ALT, AST, GGT, bilirubin, albumin

Detecting dysfunction early allows interventions to slow and stabilize declining function.

Cancer Screening

While screening guidelines focus on individual cancers like breast, colon and prostate, many other malignancies lack recommended testing. Our Silver Screen test includes cancer antigen markers associated with ovarian, prostate, liver and other common cancers to assist early detection in asymptomatic stages.

Nutrient Status Evaluation

Deficiencies in iron, B12 and folate increase risk for anaemia, fatigue, dementia, neurologic dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. Our Silver Screen test identifies low levels to supplement and restore optimal nutritional status.

Hormone Balance Assessment

Hypothyroidism increases cholesterol levels along with heart rhythm abnormalities, high blood pressure and depression. Our thyroid tests uncover hormone imbalances before overt symptoms develop.

Immune Health Screening

Systemic inflammation drives the development of atherosclerosis, arthritis, cognitive decline and frailty. Our CRP and ferritin markers detect inflammatory changes in early reversible stages.

The Silver Screen test offers the most thorough health evaluation for prevention and early disease detection. Over 40 tests identify problems in beginning stages when lifestyle interventions and risk reducing medications can add decades of healthy life.

Stop guessing about your health - know for sure with our comprehensive screening panel.

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