Woman Full Body Screening Ultrasound Scan

Affordable full body ultrasound scan to screen for any abnormalities.

Full Body Screening Scan

For individuals interested in comprehensive health monitoring, Sonoworld Diagnostic Services offers an in-depth Full Body Screening Ultrasound Scan designed for women.

This proactive approach to health care allows for early detection of potential concerns, ensuring peace of mind and facilitating timely interventions.

By leveraging advanced ultrasound technology, Sonoworld provides a detailed assessment of vital body organs and systems, all within a supportive and professional environment. Our goal is to offer accessible and informative screening, empowering you to take control of your health journey.

What Does the Scan Include?

This examination is a combination of multiple ultrasound scans related to women's health.

The ultrasound scans included are:

full body ultrasound screening

What preparation is required?

For this ultrasound scan, you need to fast for at least 4 hours and also have a full bladder, and it is therefore required that you drink 1lt (2 pints of water) 1 hr before the scan.

Price: £711


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What is the cost of the full body scan?

The cost of the full body ultrasound scan is £711

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  • What is Full Body Screening?
    A comprehensive ultrasound check that assesses multiple body parts to detect potential health issues early.

  • How do I prepare for my screening?
    Depending on the scans, you may need to fast or have a full bladder. Specific instructions will be provided.

  • What does the screening include?
    It covers thyroid, abdomen, pelvis, and more, giving a holistic view of your health.

  • How long does the screening take?
    Approximately 90 minutes, but times can vary based on individual needs.

  • When will I receive my results?
    Results are typically discussed immediately post-scan, with a detailed report to follow.

  • Is the screening covered by insurance?
    Check with your provider; we can provide documentation for insurance purposes.

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