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Kidneys and Bladder Ultrasound Scan

Urinary tract or waterworks problems are very common, impacting both sexes. Kidney stones can cause immerse pain and blood in the urine. Kidney stones can cause pain and also stop the kidneys from draining to the bladder by blocking the ureters, resulting in what is called hydronephrosis.

If renal hydronephrosis is left untreated, it can result in scarring and other significant issues with your kidneys.  Bladder issues are also very common. In men, bladder problems can be associated with an enlarged prostate. In women, it can be, amongst other causes, the result of uterine fibroids that press on the bladder.

In the ideal circumstances, diagnosis and proper treatment/management of the symptoms should be accomplished as soon as possible, but the long NHS waiting lists can cause unnecessary pain and distress. This why our clients take control of their health and choose a private ultrasound scan with us.

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