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Published: 28/06/2022

8 facts you didn’t know about Harley Street, the most prestigious medical community in London

Most of the people all over the world have heard about Harley Street, the most prestigious centre of high-quality private clinics in London. There are however 8 facts that not many people don't know.

The private clinics and therapy rooms stretching from Cavendish Square Gardens near Oxford Street to the south as far as Marylebone Road and Regent’s Park in the North, nearly a kilometre in length.

Harley Street is situated in close proximity to some of London’s main railway stations, such as Kings Cross and Paddington, Harley Street is highly accessible. 

Our private ultrasound clinic is located in the Weymouth street, in Harley Street district.

Fact 1.

Harley Street takes his name from Edward Harley the 2nd Earl of Oxford and with many of the roads named after him and his family. In 1715, he began building the houses on Harley Street and surrounding streets, such as Cavendish Square. After his death, the estate was inherited by his daughter who married the Duke of Portland that nearby Portland Street took its names off.

Fact 2.

Harley Street is owned de Walden family and managed by the Howard de Walden Estate. 

Fact 3.

It was an appeal the mid-19th century that Cavendish Square became a prestigious location for physicians’ consulting rooms and doctors began to colonize the southern end of Harley Street in order to be near the square. 

Fact  4.

The Medical Society of London opened in Chandos Street in 1873 then the Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street in 1912 and remained there since then.

Fact 5.

Harley Street has accommodated a number of famous medical professionals and celebrities such as:

 Sir Joseph Lister, the pioneer in antiseptic surgery lived just around the corner from Harley Street at 12 Park Crescent. Lister promoted the idea of sterile surgery which led to a reduction in post-operative infections and made surgery safer for patients. 

Florence Nightingale, the “lady with the lamp” moved to Harley Street in 1853 to become superintendent of a gentlewomen’s nursing home located at No. 1 Harley Street.

King George VI was treated for severe stammer by Lionel Logue a speech therapist based in 146 Harley Street. The film based on the story, The King’s Speech, was filmed nearby on Portland Place.

Stephen Hawking also sought help here after he was diagnosed with a motor neurone disease.

 Fact 6.

In 1860, there were around 20 medical practices that existed on the street. In the Georgian period, there were over 200 doctors based in Harley Street. Today, there are more than 5,000 medical specialists operating out of what is known as the Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA).

Fact 7.

Sir Frederick Teves based at Harley Street, performed the world’s first-ever appendectomy, to save the life of Edward VII shortly before his coronation.

Fact 8

It is well known that clients perceive Harley Street as the place to go to find the best healthcare professionals and more than 10% of Harley Street clients travelled to be treated from abroad.

So next time you visit our private ultrasound clinic, take the time to walk along Harley Street and enjoy the history and the architecture of the area.

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