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Published: 28/06/2022

NHS refused an ultrasound scan to a pensioner who died three days later

'WE WERE POWERLESS'  Pensioner, 79, died three days after being refused an ultrasound scan ‘that could have saved her life’

It was with great sadness that I read the article with the above title in yesterday's 'The Sun' newspaper. 

According to the article, Mrs Sledmere attended her local hospital in London with abdominal pain and doctor-diagnosed here with either gallstones or gastritis.

Unfortunately, she did not receive an ultrasound scan to confirm or exclude gallstones as they did not have any ultrasound scan appointments available at the time, and they sent her home where she died three days later from the perforated gallbladder.

Her worried husband Alan booked her for a private scan but the soonest appointment he could get being a day after she passed away.
A hospital investigation into her death has now concluded that 'an ultrasound scan may have given an opportunity to alter their outcome. 
In other words, if Shirley had an ultrasound scan it could have diagnosed gallstones and possible cholecystitis and with the appropriate management, she could still be alive today.

It is not of a surprise that the local NHS hospital could not offer an ultrasound scan as we are all very well aware of the challenges the NHS is facing. There is always a shortage that sonographers. The government and Mr Hunt, however, reassures us that there is nothing wrong with the NHS.
'After Alan wrote to the health secretary Jeremy Hunt to share his concerns, Mr Hunt said the availability of scanning ultrasound  machines was a decision for individual NHS trusts.'

It is most concerning however that the only private scan appointment that Mrs Sledmere could book was a day after she died.
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Gallbladder problems and especially gallstones are very common and can affect both genders. The main symptoms of gallstones that can lead to cholecystitis are pain to the right upper abdomen after or maybe a few hours after fatty meals.
Cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder due to the existence of the gallstones. The pain can be so severe that my required attendance at accident and emergency.

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