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Antenatal Blood Add-On blood Tests


Antenatal Blood Add-On blood Tests - £422 plus the cost of scans


You can now combine your ultrasound with one of our screening tests to get the full picture of your health. All our tests are done at the internationally renowned The Doctor’s Laboratory. The Doctor’s laboratory works with NHS trusts and major UK private hospitals.

Please add the screening test when you book your scan from our add-on packages.



Tests included:

Test: Blood


Patient instructions:

The patient should fast for 12 hours preceding collection of specimen.

  • NB If you have
  •  A family history of diabetes
  • A body mass index of greater than 30
  • Delivered a larger than average weight baby
  • Had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy
  • Have a family origin with a higher prevalence to diabetes, such as being of South Asian, Afro-Caribbean or Middle Eastern decent

We recommend that you do the Antenatal plus gestational diabetes package.


Turnaround time:

7 days


What does it look at:



These are the blood tests that are routinely done by your midwife in the antenatal clinic when you are around 12 weeks pregnant. These can be done before becoming pregnant if wanted.

Full blood count, haemoglobin electrophoresis, blood group, Rhesus status and atypical antibody screen 
to check for anaemia (iron deficiency or disorders such as sickle cell or thalassaemia), and to check whether the mother’s immune system may produce antibodies that attack the baby.

Syphilis- This bacterial sexually transmitted disease can lead to miscarriage or infect your baby prior to or during the delivery.
Fasting glucose  -  this is to assess the risk of you having Type 2 Diabetes, which can affect your baby (risk of congenital abnormalities, having a larger baby and risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.
Thyroid profile This is to assess if you have an underactive or an overactive thyroid gland which can affect both yourself and your baby (anaemia, heart failure, pre-eclampsia, miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight baby, and stillbirth).

Rubella immunity– this is to assess if you are immune (and so cannot get) the Rubella virus. If you are not immune and you become infected with the rubella virus during the first 3 months of your pregnancy, there is increased risk of your baby having serious birth defects or death. If you are not immune, you will have to wait till the birth of your baby before getting vaccinated with the Rubella vaccine.

 Hepatitis B [HBsAg] and hepatitis C antibodies  – this is to see if you may be infected with the Hepatitis B or C virus that can infect your baby.

Varicella-zoster (chickenpox immunity) This is to check if you are immune (that is cannot get it again) to the chickenpox virus. If you are not immune and you contract chickenpox during your pregnancy, it can affect you and your unborn child. If you contract chickenpox before 20 weeks of pregnancy, there is a risk of your child being born with serious abnormalities. This is not routinely screened for in pregnant women in the UK.
HIV 1 and 2/p24 antigen this is to assess your risk of having HIV, which can infect your baby.