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Thyroid add-on blood Tests



Thyroid add-on blood Tests £145 plus cost of scan


You can now combine your ultrasound with one of our screening tests to get the full picture of your health. All our tests are done at the internationally renowned The Doctor’s Laboratory. The Doctor’s laboratory works with NHS trusts and major UK private hospitals.

Please add the blood test when you book your ultrasound scan from our add-on packages.


Tests included:

Type of Test: Blood Test


Patient instructions:



Turnaround time:

3 days


What does it look at:

TSH, free T4, free t3 and thyroid autoantibodies. This is used to diagnose overactive (hyperthyroidism) and underactive (hypothyroidism) thyroid disease.
If you had hypothyroidism (elevated TSH, decreased T4), you may present with weight gain, dry skin, constipation, cold intolerance, hair loss, fatigue and menstrual irregularity (in women).
If you had hyperthyroidism (decreased TSH, elevated T4), you may present with a fast heart rate, anxiety, weight loss, hand tremor, weakness and diarrhoea.
Occasionally false positive’s (bloods suggest you have a thyroid disease falsely) occur and may be related to concominant medication use, acute illness (even a common cold) or pregnancy. Hence it is important to recheck you thyroid profile at least after 1 month, to ensure that you truly do have a thyroid disease.



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