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Ovarian screening add-on Blood test


Ovarian screening add-on Blood test £115 plus the cost of the scan


You can now combine your ultrasound with one of our screening tests to get the full picture of your health. All our tests are done at the internationally renowned The Doctor’s Laboratory. The Doctor’s laboratory works with NHS trusts and major UK private hospitals.

Please add the liver screening test when you book your abdominal scan from our add-on packages.


Tests included:

Type of Test: Blood Test


Patient instructions:


Turnaround time:

3 days


What does it look at:

 is found in high levels in Ovarian Cancer. Serum levels are less affected by menstruation, ovulation and other benign ovarian conditions such as endometriosis (unlike CA 125).
In pre-menopausal women, HE4 is more sensitive/specific for even an early-stage ovarian cancer.
In post-menopausal women the non-specific CA 125 is more suitable for assessing Ovarian Malignancy (as benign ovarian conditions occur less frequently).
The Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm (ROMA) is a calculation combining the CA 125 and HE4 and classifies women as being at low or high risk of having an Ovarian cancer.


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