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It is recommended to regularly check the testis for any lumps or for anything that doesn't feel right.

The testis is the ovoid structure within the scrotal sack. Within the scrotum, there is also the head, tail and body of the epididymis.

The epididymis is full of small tubules where the sperm matures. These tubules sometimes get blocked and expand resulting on what is called epididymal cyst.

Epididymal cysts are harmless and they are very common.

Sometimes the tubules leak and sperm escape within the scrotal sac resulting sometimes in discomfort.

Hydrocoele is fluid around the testis.

Infections are also common in the testis resulting in an inflamed epididymis that can also feel like a lump. 

It is also possible for cancer to be developed inside the testis and it is therefore very important if you find any lumps to have them checked as soon as possible with ultrasound.

You can find out more about testicular lumps and testicular cancer in this article.


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